I dreamed I was in a plane crash.
I lay my head on my knees.
I knew I was going to die.
I felt quite calm.
The plane was making a lot of noise - shaking and screaming metal.
The plane was in a nose-dive.
I knew I was going to die.
Some one next to me draped a blanket over my back and shoulders.
My head soft on my knees, I closed my eyes.
Surely the sounds will change soon, near the end, I thought.
The plane was still making a lot of the same noises.
Then they changed, we were crashing.
It's now, I thought.
I felt quite calm, almost peaceful.
I opened my eyes to see the fireball racing towards me.
Interesting, I thought, you do experience every moment of the experience
I closed my eyes again as it engulfted me.
There was no pain.
I was pleased.
It would be over soon.
And all the air rushed away.
but I was calm and happy and everything was quiet.
and warm.
and dark.
I thought, it's over, I've died.
Thank goodness.

Then I got spat out the back of that dream and into one with a long journey and an irrate musher with a pack of noises huskies.