I've been reading. I have the attention span of a small child after a glass of raspberry cordial. I know that on the side of this page it says that I'm reading those books - and, I am - but I'm sure you've been thinking either "man she never updates that reading sidebar" or "man, she's a really slow reader" [or maybe you were thinking "metafilter's a great site, I'm glad I never go to thejamjar"]

I am a slow reader. Mostly because a) I forget to do it and b) i can't concentrate long enough to finish a page/chapter/book and c) I'm a slow reader.

But, I am reading those two books when I remember to - dipping into the Elements book, its so darned interesting - and reading The Last Samurai [no, it's not the Tom Cruise and Kasumoto story; it's the Sybella and Ludo story] and it's absolutely BRILLIANT. No real quote marked conversations, you see, and the timeline zooms forward and back, and back still. You need to read it when you're awake, dozing in bed before you sleep is no place for this book although I read a heck of a lot of it on Thursday night on 5 cups of coffee and no sleep.

I really hate The New Zealand Herald - "Lianne Dalziel: Seriously overdrawn at the Bank of Credibility."

Woke to the rain and wind lashing at my bedroom window this morning, but at least I didn't wake to anything like this or this.