Faith in People at Xmas

Great. The first entry for me in *ages* and it is going to be a rant. And a *long* rant at that. Sorry about that. And before I start, I have to apologise to all nice, honest and forthcoming landlords and real estate agents.

My family has recently moved in to a new rental accommodation. We had been there about a week, when early one Saturday morning, we get a knock on the door. To cut a long story short, the gentleman at the door was offering to help with our finances to try to save the property from going to mortgagee sale. Excuse me! That is correct, this property is up for mortgagee auction in 2 weeks. Oh. Really. I'm glad the landlord told us *that* when he was out last week. We make some enquiries and the real estate agents that tenanted us had no idea this was going to happen.

Then, we get contacted by the estate agent wanting to organise an open home at our house. We also find out that the owner has put out a trespass order against agents showing the property. Nice. The agent discussses thing with my wife, and he is told that he should discuss things with our tenanting agent, then get back to us. We hear nothing further. Then, early Saturday morning we get a call from the mother in law. Hey guys, there is an open home at your house tomorrow. Oh. Really. My wife calls and talks to the estate agent and hears about how he "had to move quickly to get the ad in the paper" and how he "tried everything humanly possible" to contact us. Um, excuse me, ever heard of a *cellphone*. So, we agree to the open home but, my we are pretty angry about the whole issue, and don't really want another one. The mortgagee agent tells us we are totally within our rights to refuse entry for the open home. Oh. Really. We then get a phone call from him, asking when would be a good time for the *next* open home. I try to be polite, and create exuses as to why certain days are no good. He knows I'm lying. He starts his spiel about how the week before the auction is the most critical time, and he is trying to do his best for the landlord, and he wouldn't wish this situation on anyone, and would we reconsider the open home as the poor landlord is not likely to get finance, and will lose the property. Oh. Really. You are working *so* hard for the person that took out a trespass order against you? The person that lives in Sydney, and is losing his *rental* property, not actually the place where he is living? You are so interested in geting a good price so that the *landlord* will be looked after, *not* the agency that is ordering the mortgagee sale, and certainly *not* the tenants who have been moved into a property one month before the mortgagee sale? I politely explain that I am trying to look after *my* family, and have limited wish to have our lives disrupted, so that we can be mucked around further by people and organisations that we have no control over. I politely decline his offer of another open home, and exercise my right to deny him entry. We do have rights, you know, and I'm *sure* it will be a condition of your tenancy that we are allowed to enter the property if we have given you reasonable notice, which I think we have. Well, if that is the case you will have to talk to our tenancy agent but we are *still* denying you permission to hold an open home at the property, thank you for your time.

Merry Xmas, to all and to all a good night.