Donate to Help

On Boxing Day we woke to the news of the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit the coasts of Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and outwards to Somalia, Tanzania and all the tiny islands in the ocean between. That morning they estimated the death toll to be as many as 10,000 people. They are now saying it's ten times that, and more due to the ever increasing threat of disease.

You've seen the photos, the video footage, the news reports - you know how bad it is, how truly devastating this disaster continues to be to the peoples and countries surrounding the Indian Ocean.

Aid workers have been sent from New Zealand to affected areas in the last few days. This evening, a plane-load of forensic experts was flown from New Zealand to Indonesia to help with the gruesome task of [trying] to identify bodies. There are many families here in New Zealand who haven't heard from relatives holidaying in the area since before Christmas.

I live too far away to grab a shovel and help. The only way I can help is to donate money to my local Red Cross to help get water, food and shelter to the regions hit by this disaster. I hope some of you can do the same.