Doing the Math

okay.. so.. if a new iBook costs $2,451.38 why is replacing the logic board gonna cost $2,728.01? There must be a lot of highly skilled, labour intensive installation costs involved - but wait, "Labour = $120"

$2,728.01 (cost of repairs) - $120 (labour) = $2,608.01
$2,608.01 (cost of board) - $2,451.38 (cost of new iBook) = $156.63

so the cost of everything that's NOT the logic board in an iBook - that's the keypad, the screen, the plastic, the battery and the rubber feet all cost less than $160?

Yes, yes I know, I shouldn'tve dropped it in the first place but c'mon... that's a lot of money to pay to fix a computer that's still actually *working*.