restless in pakuranga

Yeh I know it's like .. then it's all .. sighs and stuff and wandering around..words.. nanowrimo is going better than past years but going badly and I'm so not on target for anything other than failing again and i'm sure you know yeh mmm so windy? yes and muggy with try-hard not-doing-much rain and i've been out and want to go out again and I dunno.. even when I'm not wandering around i'm wandering around in my head picking thoughts up putting them down not doing anything i should be doing and hating the word "should" with the passion it deserves. cheese and apples is where it's out in my mouth at the moment - not a cheese fan at the best of times but this vintage cheddar and crisp red apple combo is making my mouth happy. So now its nearly 6pm and i'm sliding my phone into my pocket and my shoes back onto my feet and leaving again wandering wandering the wind is nice it blows my new hair about and I feel like one of those long haired liverpudlians though of course a)its the wrong colour and b)I'm not I'm just me with messy hair and a need to keep moving.