Inside my bag

got enough pens yet, michelle?

kv invited me to join the Whats in Your Bag? group at flickr. Had this request come later, I might have migrated/culled the items in my bag into my newly purchased stylish summer tote and the photograph would have been less hectic.

Be that as it may, the contents of my bag are as follows (vaguely working from top left to bottom right):

red glasses cloth (best cloth ever for cleaning glasses)
colonoscopy report (complete with photographs)
loose change (always)
spiral notebook (gift from Jacqui and Simon from a designer I can't remember)
screwdriver (phillips head)
vodafone bill (not opened for fear of size)
black overstuffed wallet
emergency Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slice (you never know when you need fortifying)
Visa card (for online purchases_
EFTPOS card wallet (for offline purchases)
padlock key (for keeping freaks out_
Rescue Remedy (for public speaking - I get very nervous_
Password and FTP notebook (have no memory otherwise)
Cellphone (thankyou Shane from Vodafone)
more loose change (typical)
silver and paua earrings (from Cheryl)
ring (from me)
emergency highligter (for correcting badly written magazine articles)
matchbox toy (suped up veedub)
pens/pencils (x14) (enough?)
contact lenses (x2 unopened) (for summer)
Origins Once Upon a Shine lipgloss (the best)
Origins Service with a Smile lipstics (x2) (perfection)
Cigarettes (for those times you just need one, or two, or three)
tampon (for times you just need one)
Keys (to my home and my car and my everything else)
Lemony Snicket book (unleashing a love of story)
Serious Espresso coffee card (x2) (unleashing a love of good coffee)
Smints (for after the coffee when I want to kiss you)