Wednesday, October 6, 2004 at 01:45 PM

better feng shui

MP: i have a question for you. your PC.. what do you call the computer. when you refer to it? do you say "the computer" or do you say "the box" or "the tower" or the "system unit" or "fred" or what?

DC: it depends very depends

MP: ok.. if it depends on you explaining something to a new computer user

DC: i'll call it 'the machine', 'the laptop', 'the computer'
'the guy' 'the ibook' or 'the thinkpad' if it's the thinkpad

MP: and that's what you'd say "press the button on the machine"?
have you ever referred to it as "system unit" cos I sure in heck haven't

DC: no no way in hell - never ever

MP: never ever. that was my response too.

DC: i've only referred to my johnson as 'system unit'

MP: its not a common term in fact i doubt its a term at all

DC: "take the system unit in your hand'"

MP: oh my dear lord.

DC: "don't break the system unit. it is not capable of operating within your user parameters"

DC: "please release your grip on the system unit. you are causing a kernel panic and the system will automatically shut down"

DC: ok, I'm done

cabinet moved into place thanks to that great book Phet's Tips'n Tricks