Lazy Sunday 5

Kiwis vs Kangaroos, TriNations Rugby League: 16-16

After threatening it all day, the heavens delivered during tonights game. Thank goodness skin is waterproof! Although I had very sound advice to take an umbrella, I became distracted before leaving the house and ended up without it at North Shore Stadium this evening.

The sound system at North Shore Stadium is beyond crap. Lone singers with no backing track and a crappy microphone to sing the national anthems. Backing track for the Haka though.. wtf? Half time hip-hoppers helicoptered in and then hard to hear.

Impossibly embarrassing for a trans-tasman match.

North Shore Stadium

Now it's 2PM - I started writing this when I got home last night. Wearing my headphones in bed listening to my iTunes, it shuffled Andrea Bocelli singing Schbert's Ave Maria and I swtiched it onto "repeat" and listened to it over and over declaring it my *most* favourite song of all time. Ever and always.

At 3:20am I woke with my headphones still on my head and my laptop listing lazily left. Andrea was still ave maria'ring in my ears. Switching my light off and finally snuggling down to sleep and dream of a city I dream about sometimes. Of boats and water, detailed and surreal. Like The Truman Show in style but different looking if you can taste the difference - the feeling of being inside a painting is always there.

Waking again to see 8:30am, my dream still fresh in my mind, I got up to breakfast and back to bed with coffee to read newsites and blogs. I feel asleep again to dream of being invited to the Rove! taping in Melbourne. Rosie was with me and we were sitting in the front row of the audience. It was being taped outdoors because the studio had been burned down last week. They kept talking directly to me, and one guy (who isn't normally on the show but appeared in my dream as if he was normally on the show) wore a blue hat and kept coming up to me and kiss kiss kissing between my eyes.

Turns out the whole show was for me. They put a picture of thejamjar up on screen and zoomed in on a three lined post about me loving Rove! (that i'm sure I've never actually written) and ended up (the taping of the show was long and involved soapy water slides - not me, them) with Rove McMannis offering me a job on the show based on that one little post on the 'jar. Weird. I woke before I made a decision.

Waking again around 1pm I figured I really did need to get myself out of bed before I dreamed the entire day away.