truck 'n' not truck

truck i'm watching a show called 'dancing with the stars' and they take one celebrity and one dance star and pair them up and its a competition - its surprisingly entertaining! and pauline hanson is one of the celebrities???
not truck she's that.. nazi woman isn't she *no clue*
truck yup. Are you alot more relaxed recently or in love or something? you've been writing differently
not truck i Have? different how?
truck hahaha this olympic guy is dancing with a dance star and she just did the splits between his legs and he was meant to pick her up with his arms under her underarms and he had no idea where to put his hands cuz they were hovering over her breasts and he almost dropped her
truck i dunno.....different like more fluent, more snappy, more evocative, i'm not sure what it is exactly but you're writing differently and its pretty damn great writing
not truck oh cor blimey. i thought you were gonna say the opposite. i think i'm more relaxed. and i think i have a different attitude to my blog. plus i'm taking lots of drugs so i have cool dreams
not truck that last bit wasn't true
truck hahahaha i think i should post that to your blog!
not truck you know what *I think i shall

truck heeyyyyyy where's the nudie picture
not truck oh wait..ctrl+c on the lappy doesn't mean ctrl+v on the desktop
truck i only visited your page for the nudie picture
a teddy bear?????? honestly
not truck keep clicking
truck milk???/ boorrrring
not truck could you get broadband already, sheesh
truck grrrrrrr

not truck tahdah

truck kapow!
not truck *na nah nah na batmann* holy bat boots batman
truck bat boots?! i want some
not truck i want bat BOOBS
truck TMI

truck hey mish
not truck hey fraz (i still want bat boobs)
truck do you know anyone in melbourne who might like a comedy movie
truck what would bat boobs be, anyhow
not truck if i came to melbourne could i have it? i only know my brother in melbourne and i dont know where he is or if he has the means to play a movie
truck no its a movie pass...oh well !
not truck oh. sorry. i only know where he works not where he lives.
truck damn you
truck damn youuuuuuu
not truck damn you *shaking fists at the sky* damn you and the horse you rode in on
truck and the mice who blinked quickly as you rode by!!!!!!
not truck oh speaking of mice.. how funny is it that rove's studio burned down because of them. WHEN MICE GO BAD [phetlink]. were they like.. his minons or something
truck the mice did it????
not truck they did indeed
truck haha mice minions
truck those sly so and sos
not truck *reading* those sly ess ohs and ess oh esses.. what the..
not truck *giggling fit
truck *donks you