Yesterday, my last day

Yesterday, my last day at work started with a gentleman sheltering me from the rain. The day ended with a gentleman making sure I got home safely. He also refused to let me pay for any of my drinks. And took me to a nice bar [upstairs from Flesh]. And talked to me all night. Which really was a valient effort because, by crikey, I talked some tripe. Thanks Jonathan. Mera came too, she talked too but hardly any of it was tripe. (we ended up eating at my "usual" - sitting by the bus stop outside Kebabs on Queen eating a miniLamb with homus, garlic yogurt (yes, that is what the creamy stain on the front of my skirt is) and sweet chilli sauce)

And for all of you, who plied me with drinks all night at the Provedor, lining up cocktail after cocktail [did I mention I don't drink top shelf spirits?] saying that you were going to get me drunk as if you'd never done that before for a third of the price, two pints of beer and a spare hour - that *was* me drunk and if you didn't notice well, I'm amazed.

Thanks, everyone, for a really great night. I have really groovy friends and workmates, even if they always bring out the same Michelle Stories over and over again. [Mitch's favourite "butt plug" story and Marshall's "don't get used to it" coffee story] Thanks too for putting up with my uncohesive [incohesive?] speech - I'll sort that out later. Thanks to the bar staff at the Provedor for supplying food and letting us win the bar tabs even though - you know - we weren't even in the draw *shh* thanks Anna. [who considers me a regular to her bar and I'm really chuffed about that although I didn't think I went *that* often]

Martini [two olives], Cosmopoliton [one cherry and a slice of lemon], Some Grapey Smurf Juice Thing [a slice of pineapple, a cherry, two straws and a pink umbrella] [flashback: The Purple Provedor] , Sex on the Wharf [some fruit, umbrellas, couple of straws, orange umbrella] Champagne [flute], Beer [bottle, thank god]. Oh my kingdom for a glass of water.

And, speaking of umbrellas: I left my *new* one in the bar! *doh*