I haven't written in a

I haven't written in a while.
You may - or may not - have noticed. Thanks to other contributors you had some change of scenery since the New Year.

My Christmas break didn't quite go as planned.
Some parts of it were brilliant. Some parts of it weren't.
It's a New Year. 2004.
It's time to make a change.
It's time to try new things.
It's time to leave old ideas and habits behind.
It's time to cut loose anything that is not necessary to move forward.

Driving down State Highway 1 to Waikanae just after Christmas, I took a sudden detour to Huka Falls. I don't usually stray from the direct path when traveling anywhere. I like to go from Point A to Point B as directly as possible - I rarely even stop - but I suddenly wondered what Huka Falls was like on this hot summer afternoon, just North of Lake Taupo.

It's not that the Falls are steep, or high. It's that they are so *big*. So_much_water being channeled through a narrow, deep gorge where the word "churning" was obviously coined. Take a look at this Quicktime video of the Falls. Here is another view from the Huka Falls Bridge. Then take a look at this Photo to get an idea of the scale from the people at the lookout.

Apart from the incredible amount of water that is being forced through the narrow gorge: a staggering 330,000 litres per second; I was stunned by the colour of the water. I wouldn't have believed it but this view of Huka Falls is an accurate depiction of the colour of the water as I saw it from the top lookout.

360 degree view of Huka Falls