That kitchen that you thought

That kitchen that you thought you could install yourself, despite moving house the same weekend? A word to the wise - you do need a professional, it is harder than it looks, and powertools may be big, but they're not clever, and they are dangerous.

Chris... I don't know you, so forgive me for being cheeky, but... It's a mouse! How can those Stuart Little films glide so easily past that fact?

"Hi, we'd like to adopt a child please."
"Sorry, we don't any left... we do have this talking mouse though... if you like."
"That'll be fine."
"I'm not so sure, honey."
"Oh shut up, you're not so sure of anything since you parted company with Stephen Fry."
"That was harsh..."
"We'll take the mouse - I'm sure it will be an hilarious adoption."
"Quite... thank you, good morning."

I don't buy it.

Does anyone know the number of a decent plumber? In fact, he/she doesn't even have to be decent; just better than me.