Every now and then, I

Every now and then, I get a nice surprise which perks up my life. Over the weekend, for example, my son had been good and got to choose his very own kids video to watch. The choice was "Stuart Little 2". Now, I must admit that I was less than thrilled about this choice (although I don't know what I *should* have expected), but it was actually a very good movie. The story was ok, the animation superb, the voices interesting. The star of the show, though, would have to be Snowbell the cat. Hil..aaarrr...ious. Some of the funniest lines I have heard in a long time. For example...

Stuart: "Little's don't give up."
Snowbell: "Giving up is good. More people should do it. If more people gave up...there would be less wars."

Falcon: "I'll be back for you later."
Snowbell (from inside a paint can 30 odd stories in the air about to be pushed off a ledge): "No rush."

Now, my delivery kinda sucks....but in context of what was going on in the movie...hilarious. I can highly recommennd this movie, and pay special attention to the cat's dialogue. You won't be disappointed.

Now I must also warn you....I also laughed riotously during "Dude, where's my car?" so that gives you some indication of the complexity of my humor. You have been warned.