So, we've had a few

So, we've had a few technical problems here at the 'jar, which have righted themselves for whatever reason. Either that email to my webhost or time did it, either way, I'm glad it's fixed.

It's Saturday morning and I have a list of chores the length of my arm and so I continue to sit in front of my computer in my pyjamas thinking but not doing.

Rosie and I have been "managerless" at work the last few days, and it's been a) really quiet and b) rather nice. We had Marshall some of Thursday but Friday we were completely home-alone. We'd thought our sometimes-mentioned "trip to Devonport" for lunch might be a good thing to do if the weather was nice, but it wasn't, so we went across the road to Quay West CBD Bar and Restaurant and had lunch instead. It was a lot closer but we took our time and suffered through a two hour lunch.

By the end of our working day, I think we'd both been rather productive after lunch, I was pleased to note I was able to work through to a normal hour without anyone making me stop to go for drinks or all that milling about that happens at the end of a Friday, and it was nice. It was nice to end the Friday without the pressure of "drinkies" and to get to go home on a normal Ferry and not have to hide-out at the Provedor. Not - that I hide out there so much as sit with my beer and my pen and correct local magazines such as Metro and Unlimited and maybe correct isn't what I do but I use my pen a lot, singing along to the music, basking in Grant's great barmanship.

So, anyway, I came home.

I'm so tired. Sleeping like a bag of rocks lately. Waking all through the night most nights this week - sleeping the hell *in* on Thursday and shambling into work on the 1015. I have very little drive for work right now - I spend most of my sidelined brain wanting to paint and draw and colour-in and sew and patch and model and stuff.

Rosie bought some DAS and will issue it on Monday for a SeaMonsterMakingChallenge. I'm looking forward to that.

So I'm still talking, still in my PJs, still not DOING the things I ought to be doing.. so I'd better get my A into G otherwise I will have some very grump teens-learning-to-drive on my doorstep.

michelle: this $9.99 bra is doing $8.75 worth of damage to my boob.
greg: that's impossible, your boob's not worth that much.

why I love chat rooms - note.. anna and vee

Phlemmie says to Wendy: You twitch, deliciously, as I lash your hands and feet to the bedposts ... your feathery gag preventing you from crying out in pleasure.
Phlemmie says to Wendy: then I lacerate your head seven times with a blowpoke.
Wendy says to 22GTy60HJU: the day i take advice from a sociopathic hermit like you, is the day i jump off the highest cliff into the deepest abyss.
Phlemmie says to Wendy: where are those? the highest cliff, and the deepest abyss?
Wendy says to Phlemmie: oh, you know.