me: arrrhh arrarrrhhh good mornin'

me: arrrhh arrarrrhhh good mornin' there me hearty
busdriver: ahh.. *taken aback*
me: it's talk like a pirate day! Prepare to be boarded.
busdriver: *laughs* I suppose you heard that on the radio or something.
me: the internet, actually.
busdriver: so where's your parrot?
me: none of your business!

I sound less like a pirate and more like a demented irishman. I also can't remember much beyond the "arrahhh" and "prepare to be boarded".

The pirate speaks,"Today on t'wayt't'ferry, we passed a house on t'afto'a truck, readyt'be loaded onto a ferryt'Waiheke. As we drove past I noticed that thar was a man asleep inside, stretched out on his aft by t'ranchsliders. I mentioned thist'me bus driver, and added t'note that me bosses lived on Waiheke and ferry'd over everyday. He said "i bet they don't have a great bus driver like you do" I said " no one in t'whole world has a great bus driver like I do."

ar harrr me hearties.