You know, I'd *really* love

You know, I'd *really* love a new iBook, or even better - a G4 Powerbook. I thought I'd go take a look over at Totally Mac to see what they have in stock and how much they cost. Too-tooing around, logged in and put the item into my cart too see if, when I got to the next screen, there were any finance options on that item. There didn't seem to be, only the ability to enter your credit card details. I didn't put my credit card details into the form but pressed thru to the next screen. Nothing happened so I clicked out of the browser and went on with my work.

I got mail. Mail thanking me for my $4719.38 order and my Powerbook G4 867Mhz 15" Combo (DVD/CD-RW) will be shipped/delivered tomorrow.

ahh.. this *will* be interesting.

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your order.
Your order number is XXXX.
Here are the items you selected:

Qty Price Product