A Movie-going-experience in 3 Acts.

A Movie-going-experience in 3 Acts.

ACT ONE - a movie theatre, the beginning of a film.

Mish: oh crap, we forgot to buy icecream.
David: I *told* you to buy it *before*
Mish: i know but you were eating that cookie.
[lights begin to dim]
David: do you know what L.E.G. stands for?
Mish: no, what?
David: a League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
Mish: ahh.

ACT TWO - a darkened movie theatre, half way through the movie

David: why are we here, again?
Mish: because Simon said this movie "kicked ass"
David: ahh.

ACT THREE - a lightened movie theatre with throngs of people exiting up the centre aisle

David: they had better not be making a sequel. do you know what L.E.G stands for? League of the Extremely Ghey
Mish: that sucked, why did we see this movie?
David: because Simon said it "kicked ass"
Mish: more like it smells like it came *from* his ass
David: can we go home and kick his ass?
Mish: yeh, lets.