100 things? 1. I need

100 things?

1. I need a hair cut?
2. I love the internet?
3. I wear glasses?
4. I can go a long time without talking to you?
5. I start most paragraphs with the word "I" even when I'm not doing a 100 things list?
6. I like some words more than others - a couple of my favourites being "shrub" and "concatenate"?
7. Everyday I travel to and from work by Ferry?
8. Sometimes I catch a connecting bus but sometimes I walk?
9. Drawing is something I have become quite good at?
10. Making stuff is what I love doing best of all?
11. Rosie sits by me at work?
12. I have trouble transitioning between PC and Mac when I get home from work?
13. I like fudge better than chocolate?
14. I like white things best of all? like marshmellow and pavlova - both at the same time is what heaven is like?
15. I like to talk about sex?
16. Going to the Movies is something I like to do at least once a week?
17. I like music but only the music I like?
18. At the end of the day I enjoy quiet?
19. Some people online think I'm a boy?
20. I still haven't figured out what I want to do when I grow up?
21. I spend 45% of my energy every day suppressing inappropriate comments?
22. I am a big fat chicken?
23. If you require an excuse not to do/to do something, I'm your man?
24. I'm always up for a beer after work?
25. I love pubs?
26. I love talking about sex to guys in pubs? (they seem to not mind that much either)(?)
27. I've met a lot of the people I chat with online?
28. I used to be a chat addict, but now I'm in recovery?
29. I think "admitting you have a problem is half the battle" is a stupid saying?
30. My MSN login name is ajamjar@hotmail.com?
31. I have/have had ICQ, MSN, AIM, IM, iChat, Netmeeting, HTML chat rooms, email, smoke signals, sign language?
32. ahem?
33. I like the Lazy Sunday complilation disks?
34. I am very slow on web trends?
35. I love fiddling around with things I shouldn't?
36. I miss making quilts?
37. I love buying plastic containers?
38. My favourite thing is to buy books through Amazon dot com?
39. I am a cockateil whisperer?
40. My voice can carry over vast distances?
41. I can sing?
42. Sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to attend church?
43. I wish I was more disciplined?
44. I need to find someone who will pay me to do what I want?
45. I prefer the architectually strong garden plants?
46. I get grumpy at people who think white is not a colour?
47. Some years ago I began listening to my intuition?
48. I could drive for the rest of my life?
49. I like to swim?
50. but my ears don't?
51. I get motion sickness on boats, in cars, in trains, on the wharf, watching rugby on tv?
52. I don't have the patience for golf?
53. or fools?
54. I think there's a hedgehog in my garden?
55. When I was little my hair was white and straight?
56. My eyes are grey blue?
57. Monday night is my favourite tv night?
58. I have traveled overseas?
59. My father died when I was young?
60. I went to boarding school?
61. I love to study?
62. I was born in 1963?
63. I was a stupid bride?
64. I much prefer being me now?
65. I talk with my toes?
66. Vodka is my preferred spirit, but mostly I drink beer?
67. I like to draw nude women?
68. I like to draw nude women by dipping a kebab stick into Indian ink?
69. I like to draw nude women by dipping a kebab stick into Indian ink and moving very quickly?
70. I love to laugh?
71. Not many people can make me laugh?
72. People can make me laugh by tickling me?
73. I was told once you can�t be tickled by someone you don�t like?
74. I was a virgin until I met you?
75. I sometimes fib about being a virgin?
76. I love my bed?
77. I know Rosie eats worms?
78. I think Gordon Harris is THE very best shop in the entire city?
79. I have great taste in good friends?
80. I had buckled shoes til I was 11 because I couldn�t learn to tie laces?
81. I am a slow learner?
82. I believe that all learning is worth learning?
83. I am wise?
84. I am stupid?
85. I am afraid of the dark?
86. and deep water?
87. and falling?
88. I take decent photographs?
89. I can find fault in anything?
90. I can�t talk to men I find attractive?
91. If I�m talking to you, you�re safe?
92. If I�m not talking to you you�re also safe?
93. I don�t have enough books?
94. I read my first Harry Potter book last month?
95. Sometimes, I�m louder than I need to be?
96. I have good intentions, even when I�m a jerk.
97. I try to tell you I love you everytime I think of it?
98. I have my hair cut like a boys?
99. No one else can do it right?
100. Sometimes, I�m just inexcusably sloppy.

Born in New Zealand so I always end my sentences with an upward inclination?