I'm not a morning person.

I'm not a morning person.

To anyone who knows me even as a passing aquaintance, this is not news. Getting to the Tamaki Yacht Club for a breakfast seminar at 7am this morning was not my idea of a good time. It was still dark when I left my house, for goodness sakes. So, it's not surprise to me, now, looking down at my feet to realise, i have my stockings on backwards. How do I know this? not because there is a reinforced heel or anything, but because the tiny white pilled bobbles from my usually present sneakers are on the tops of my feet and in plain view due to the black high heels I am wearing.

and.. the stockings are navy.. not black. I might invest in a higher wattage of lightbulb.


not get up early anymore - it's all about options.

The guest speaker, and the reason for the uncharacteristic early start to my day, was Dick Hubbard, of Hubbards (funnily enough). He made me glad I got up early and made me forget I had my stockings on backwards. He spoke a degree of sense and reinforced the idea that companies are lead from the top, and a strong leader is very very important to the success of any company.

Today I learnt something about coffee that I didn't know. Not, that I know much about coffee, by any means - but - when you over-roast a coffee bean then express it, the flavour of the coffee can become corrupted. I experienced such a rogue bean today at Serious Espresso. At first, I thought that they were trying to poison me by pouring acetone into my coffee or, the less paranoid reason that with all the Spring Cleaning going on there, the odour of cleaning products had tainted my palette [such a delicate thing it is, too]. Took me half a cup to figure out the coffee tasted weird to which the learning of the rogue bean complexity of coffee roasting became part of the vast knowledge I gather on my journey through life.