Hello, this is Frank from

Hello, this is Frank from Tech Rentals
Hello Frank fromtechrentals
Hi, how're you? Fromtechrentals isn't my surname though
Oh, I don't know, Frank Fromtechrentals sounds like it could be a proper name
Well, I'm foreign, so I *could* get away with it
How can I help you today?
I was wondering what training programmes teach there
Oh, we don't teach courses, we design and develop them
Ah.. how so?
We deliver training solutions to mostly Corporate clients.
Ohh.. I see
Yeh, we assess their need, develop a solution - sometimes it's computer based, sometimes it's classroom or workbook based or a combination of things - then the client runs the courses themselves.
Ahh.. I get cha
Then, after the client sees the fantastic results of our programs in their training, they come back to us and we make more for them. It's truly a beautiful thing.
Thankyou, Michelle, you've been most helpful
Have a good day, Frank Fromtechrentals