a leg of lamb? why

a leg of lamb? why the hell did I let myself be talked into buying a leg of lamb? I live alone. I don't even have any kind of container - ovenproof or otherwise to cook this thing in. It's gonna last me a MONTH.

Michelle? this thing you did for [mmmhmm].. it has typos in it
It does?
Mmm, well, I just pulled it together, it's not really *my* document [<= hates doing that - pulling away from blame - I hate doing that]
you know, we can't let things go out of this office like that, with typos, we must have extra vigilent eyes and not let this thing happen
So do you know where they are?
Where what are?
I just thought you might know where the typos are.
[well.. now my brain says "if i knew there were typos and I knew where they were they wouldn't fucking be_there_now"]
No, I don't know where they are

and that, folks, is how to turn my morning from an OK one to a shitty one in the four steps between the front door and the reception desk.

esp. when I hear on the airwaves "from now on everything coming out of this office must look professional"

well fuck me sideways and call me trevor.. it never occured to me that things needed to look PROFESSIONAL, and here's me sending out documents written with crayon on toilet paper- stupid me.