I found taking the bus

I found taking the bus pretty difficult at first - used to miss it all the time, wait for it and it'd never come etc. I gave up taking the bus for a few weeks, but then my shinsplints decided to give it another go - and I got the hang of it. You see, there's a trick to the timetable: although it says the bus goes past that stop at 8:10am, it actually goes past between 7:55-8am. So now I have it sussed, and I'm such a regular bus-hopper that my bus driver [the same one in the morning as the return journey in the evening] started being friendly.

Firstly, he'd remember my stop so I didn't have to pull the cord. Then, he started calling me "sweetie" and "darlin'". Then he said he "looked forward" to driving me home. Tonight, he asked where I lived, and I pointed out my house. To that he said, "I'll pull up and honk the horn in the morning".

Now, THAT is service!

Do you remember your first job?
ah huh.
Do you remember you used to take the bus to work.
ah huh.
Do you remember telling the bus driver where you worked?
ahh. yesss.
Do you remember what happened?
hmm.. he came to my work and sat outside waiting for me one night.
And, how did that make you feel?
reaaallly freaked me out.
It's good to learn from your experiences, Michelle.