"OK n' shit. Long time

"OK n' shit. Long time no hear 'n when yo' ass do I moan n' shit. How is that shiznit that da project I has been working on fo' da last 2 years has been "almost there", as far as da client is concerned, fo' da last 9 months." Scope creep doesn't seem be part of da vocabulary, 'n as soon as da client thinks some functionality is needed I get da message "." ..could yo' ass just n' shit. ....." n' shit. -- Just -- is a funny word, know what I'm sayin'? Now, after izzall of this time, that shiznit has connotations of "that shiznit's a LOT of work, will extend da project by at LEAST two months, 'n da costs fo' that shiznit should be included as part of that last payment made (which, incidentally didn't cover da costs of da last set of work), know what I'm sayin'? " OK n' shit. Well, that is probably 'nuff from MistaBitterAndTwisted in da corner, know what I'm sayin'? I'll be back n' shit."

*reposted after editing* (how chris *really* feels)