The time of day


The time of day of showers when the sun shines white light making the colours glow shadowless and perfect.

Feeling better after 48 hours of feeling like shit. Having slept nearly 40 of those 48 hours is the only thing I can manage to do. Now I am feeling like I did when I was 10 and spent so long in the swimming pool - I feel clean and exhausted. Tomorrow I will go to work.

I had the good fortune to convince Chris to have a late (cos i was late) lunch with me today. I hope getting him out of the office, even if it was for a foodcourt-curry, helped break his day up. I completely understand his frustrations, having a) lived them myself and b) live them still. It still perplexes me as to the type of person who has jumped on the multimedia/elearning band wagon over the years, and how they manage to keep themselves above water, albeit only just.

After so much sleep, i have little to say and I will spare you the weird dreams.