Link-a-Rama "If Neanderthals did not


"If Neanderthals did not contribute to the human gene pool, how do we explain Arnold Schwarzenegger?" ...links to links...evolution launchpad.

"The scientists call it an "affective tutoring system", and Sarrafzadeh says it will give e-learning programs the ability to read the reactions of students as a lesson unfolds, tailoring the presentation to keep interest high. " more...

Yes? you remember them from Sheepy's? They were the "stand out" band that night. Noticing the Maori with full face Moko, the crowd parting as he moved through. Then he sang. Who'dve guess that voice could come out of that face? They're grand. Katchafire.

Rosie: what do you feel like for lunch?
Michelle: I'm not that fussed. I'm happy to be lead by the nosering to the trough.
Rosie: Downtown it is then!

*doesn't like being referred to as a High End User.