This morning the coffee is

This morning the coffee is decidedly nutty.

I was sitting on the ferry watching the world go by at 15 knots [or whatever speed it is that we do out in the open harbour] and thinking its no small miracle that gets me on that boat in the mornings. As you know, I have missed it sometimes, so that -to me- makes it even crazier that most of the time I actually *don't* miss it. I checked the clock about four times this morning to make sure it was saying 7:30am not 8:30am. I'm not very sure why I didn't trust my eyes the first couple of times. Finding it difficult to believe that I wasn't screwing up on an important morning. Not that I have meetings or anything today, just that I have work to do and a boss who wants it done. Which is a jolly nice way to be if you can get to work in time.