Shin Splints are the most

Shin Splints are the most accurately named thing in the Universe - except for, maybe, oranges. Anyway. The pain was so much last night I had to phone Greg to come and pick me up because I just couldn't walk any further. He took me back to his house, and he told me something I'd never noticed before, my lower leg was swollen, drum tight to the touch. Normally I would just prop my stupid leg up and the pain would go away but last night it seemed to take hours. Putting ice on my leg sort-of helped but it hurt as well, the cold aching into the muscles but the drumtightness subsided after a while. I woke this morning and my leg still aches. I thought I had good running shoes but I spose I need some sort of arch support or orthopedic something or other as well.

I decided to come into work. Marshall had asked me to print something for him yesterday and due to printer hogage and file misplacement, I couldn't fully do what he wanted. After spending a night tossing and turning dreaming about having a sore leg and disappointing Marshall, I got up this morning, phoned Rosie and then went to her place to collect the Black Key I would need to get into the office. Rosie is selling her house and having an Open Day today, so it probably worked out nicely that we ended up spending a couple of hours eating and mooching our way around Brown's Bay shops. She took me to a couple of nice little places, some had food, some had nice furniture. We bought a ring each. A La Beverly rings, all sparkles and colour. *thinks about taking a picture of my new ring*magpies unite

Where was I.. Oh yeh. So I discussed, for the 24th time with rosie today, how I felt the angst around not doing a good job for marshall and needing to go into work and do a better job and ambush him at the airport, if possible or post the new documents to him in the States even if he ends up thinking I'm a complete maniac. She understands, thank goodness. So we went to Whitcoulls and I bought some bright white laser printing paper and some okay covers and a nice document case after we drank coffee and giggled at the man dressed as a kangaroo and then I came in here, to work.

(my blog entries are scrambled, writing in w.bloggar feels strange)

See, now, the thing I was *going* to tell you I should have told you first *doh* Graham's last day yesterday, and we had a few drinks here at work, and then a beer at the Provedor. He was "battered" he kept saying. I'm going to miss working with him. I was thinking of all the things I like about Graham, and I've decided the thing I like BEST about Graham, is his face: apart from the fact it's bloody nice to look at; it's so open and honest, and has a look of open adoration when he's looking at his partner, Ruth.

You're right, Graham, this isn't the end, we'll keep in touch. I wish you all the very best and thankyou so much for your patience and your advice.