*humming along to emmy lou

*humming along to emmy lou harris and refusing to use the shift key*

a lovely day.. subritzki'ing my way from half moon bay to marshall's house cooling party on waiheke was a really nice way to spend an afternoon even if it was raining. it was quite wet rain but not a cold day so the showers.. as we'll call them.. didn't put a damper on a house full of really nice people.

computing is a in transition this weekend - ditching the PC for good and going "all mac" the G4 is loaded up with precious mac software and my files are being transferred and backed up and by tomorrow that beautiful computer will be the only one on my desk. for a long time, the desk was two monitors two computers two keyboards two mice..networked and very handy but why have two when one will do so the 21" monitor and the G4 with the isub and soundsticks'll be the only things on there. I need to buy a burner now, and if i could get my hands on a dvdram disc i would have a nudge more storage, not that i need it right now.

i've been over with simon making balloon animals. before that i was watching donny osmond and singing along with him and crying for goodness knows why. and how can i know all the words and phrasing to "12th of never" when i haven't heard it since i was 11?

*looks at the clock* have to be a taxi again in 45 minutes, picking up party girl and working girl (amy and jacqui respectively) and deliver them to their homes.. or home if they're staying at the same address.

*rambling on about stuff you don't care about*

I applied for a job last week, and had two interviews - first with the recruitment agency and the second with the prospective employer. they both went really well, but the flags that have raised since my meeting with the employer suggest withdrawing my application on monday morning might be a wise move. she thought i might become bored with the job, but i wouldn't for the sheer fact that i make jobs my own and would make it interesting. the major problem i foresee
would be the loss of my web based skills, such as they are, in a multimedia shop that is quite backward and blinked to the available technology.

And so I make this decision and think things'll be okay cos we have a great team. then. marshall tells us this afternoon that graham's resigned. leaving on friday. [insert blank stunned face here] i'm gonna kick his ass on monday morning. I can't write anymore in this tiny window *posts and publishes*