This morning I woke up

This morning I woke up at 7:41 am and thought Hmm.. if i get up now.. i can catch the 7:30am ferry. or.. i can sleep a bit longer and catch teh 8:15am as usual - i dozed a bit then decided to get up and catch the 7:30 am ferry. looked at the clock and it said 8am. its a real struggle being this stupid all the time

It's raining. I had plans to photograph the a) magnetic poetry board and b) the drawing the accounts-girls (that's colleen as per email screenshot below) -daughter did for me (she called me the "lady with the golden curls" so i bought her M&Ms because being sweet should be rewarded with sweetness)

It's quiet here - well lets face it - it's generally quiet here. But its quietly lonely without Rosie and Marshall but I bet they're having a ball at Marshall's course. Lunch at Serious Espresso was quiet too - seems being Rosieless ruins our aggitative banter feng shui in all quarters.