This last week has been

This last week has been brought to you by the word kick-ass.

Not getting into a Kick-Ass Graphic Design course because I'm about 8 weeks late and, even though it's a two year course, 8 weeks is just *too* late they said. I would have caught up, too - but my life would have been frantic. Kyle said it was one of the hardest most rewarding things he's done. He's in his second year. If I'm still at the stage of wanting to know this stuff come March 2004 I will join in goodly fashion. I am happy with the way the Media Design School handled my call and that they replied, albeit with a 'no', I thought they did a good job of considering.

Getting a Kick-Ass cover done for Marshall's book was good too, even though I lost my focus alone [interesting typo] the way - I really do so much better when he's closer at hand and he *was* closer at hand had I just turned my MSN on. He was happy with the cover and I can't wait to see how it all looks when it comes back from the printers. That's the thing about being a graphic designer in the computing world, rather than the print world. Sometimes, people don't realise how different they are. I would love to have the set of print skills needed to be sure of everything before i send stuff to the printers - especially as some of them are going to be A2 size so my mistakes are going to be exaggerated - but there's nothing nicer than seeing the crisp clean edge of printed lettering on paper. The above course would have helped so much, but nevermind... I'll find out on my own.

Last night I went to see X2 and it kicked ass!!. Right from the beginning, and it didn't stop. It was beautiful and funny and kick effing ASS. I squealed and clapped and horray'd my way through it. It was streets ahead of the first movie (which was beautiful and technically wonderful but was pretty nothinghappening the rest of the time) and I can't *wait* to see the next one. There *has* to be a next one - hell, they're just warming up!

Today is a perfect Kick Ass Winter Auckland Saturday. It's a perfect day for a picnic. I hope, if that's what you're doing, you have a really nice time.

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