I'm feeling low today. Normally

I'm feeling low today. Normally I would't even tell you and mostly people who can see my face already know. I have called myself a duck lately (yes and a chicken too.. nice bird theme going on) but for a duck, i have terrible trouble letting water run off my back. On one hand, I understand the personality of the person I attribute my grief to but because I am one of the people who she aims her shortcomings at, I feel deflated and angered and disappointed at her lack of maturity and wisdom.

but anyways.

I'm where I am to learn the lesson and I'm just as bad for not learning it.
If lessons were easy to learn, we'd all angels and where would THAT get us.

or something.

Other news: My lovely cousin Kristy and her husband are expecting their first child any minute. She's in Hospital and her husband hasn't txt'd me for several hours so I will make the assumption he's very busy so that's great. Cousin sounds like some distant relative - but in our case, they are more like siblings, having our families grow up together. I'd be there right now if I had a car.

My car is at the Panelbeater. The assessor can't come til tomorrow. Wheels grind slowly - it's taken ages to get this far.. two weeks, in fact.

I had a nice phonecall from an internet friend last night. (knows he's reading this so keeps talking as if he's not here) I left him my number, never thinking he'd call. But he did, and it cheered me up somewhat. I don't think either of us can be arsed meeting up with each other, even though we work 4 blocks apart in the same town. But the phone call was nice, and a big chunk of what I needed last night so Captain Black* - thankyou.

* that's his real name. Mr and Mrs Black's son, Captain.

gawd, i don't even recognise one when i see one

for those of you who missed the Tui Awards, the winners are:

Album of the Year, Best Group, Breakthrough Artist of the Year, International Achievement: The Datsuns - The Datsuns.
Single of the Year, Songwriter of the Year: goodshirt - Sophie.
Best Solo Artist, Best Female Vocalist, Highest-selling NZ Album: Bic Runga - Beautiful Collision.
Best Male Vocalist: Che Fu - Misty Frequencies.
Highest-selling NZ Single: Katchafire - Giddy Up.
Best Urban Album, People's Choice: Nesian Mystik - Polysaturated.
Best Dance Album: Salmonella Dub - Outside the Dubplates.
Best Roots Music Album: Trinity Roots - True.
Best Jazz Album: Kevin Clark - Once Upon a Song I Flew.
Best Classical Album: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Douglas Lilburn: The Three Symphonies.
Best Mana Reo Album: Ngahiwi Apanui - E Tau Nei.
Best Mana Maori Album: Upper Hutt Posse - Te Reo Maori Remixes.
Best Pacific Island Album: Pacific Soul - Pacific Soul.