Life support turned off for Possum 28.04.2003, 7.30pm
Critically injured New Zealand rally driver Possum Bourne was tonight taken off full life support at the intensive care unit at Dunedin Hospital.

A statement issued by Bourne's family said New Zealand's top rally driver had suffered a severe brain injury in a car crash on April 18 and had been actively managed since then.

Unbelievably sad.

Possum Bourne - 7 times Australian Rally champion

phys�i�og�no�my n.
pl. phys�i�og�no�mies

The art of judging human character from facial features. Divination
based on facial features. Facial features, especially when regarded
as revealing character. Aspect and character of an inanimate or
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phre�nol�o�gy n.
The study of the shape and protuberances of the skull, based on
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I bought a book today. I love children's books, especially for their wonderful illustrations
(yay picture books). I walked with Rosie to Whitcoulls' Corner today. She was looking for a specific book and I was following with no intention of purchasing anything. (I have to make that
decision before I go into a book store or i'll just buy far too many things). I spotted a lovely book (judging books by their covers which is one of the reasons I don't like libraries) called Memoriam, by Gary Crew and illustrated by Shaun Tan. A sombre, but uplifting look at memories and remeberence. Of oral history and the ties that keep families strong. And the common thread of war throughout the generations of a family, marked in time by a large Moreton Bay Fig tree planted the year the story tellers Great Grandfather returned to Australia from World War One. The illustrations are so powerful and understated.

When I got home tonight, I realised that The Red Tree, a book I had purchased a few months ago, was also illustrated by Shaun Tan. He really does a fabulous job. If i could bring myself to distroying a book, I'd frame these
pages, and hang them on my walls so I could see them all the time. Makes
me wish I was a much better draw'r.

Speaking of which - I'm missing it. (side steps a classic excuse for a sexual enuendo)
Drawing. (knows what you were thinking, Graham) There is a course of Life Drawing up at Selwyn College starting.. um. tonight or.. tomorrow night *typical, michelle - no car* or a shortcourse up at AUT for four times the price, but i could walk there.