According to this theory, a person (whether male or female) has a particular
"brain type". There are three common brain types: for some individuals,
empathising is stronger than systemising. This is called the female
brain, or a brain of type E. For other individuals, systemising
is stronger than empathising. This is called the male brain, or
a brain of type S. Yet other individuals are equally strong in their
systemising and empathising. This is called the "balanced brain",
or a brain of type B. There are now tests you can take to see which
type (E, S, or B) you are. Not which type you'd like to be, but
which you actually are...
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. (not the world's greatest article but has a
few points that spark interest amongst a few more that irritate)

I just like to do tests *s*

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Emotional Quotient Test Result

Systemising Quotient Test Result

And of course.. Mr Parker's Ultimate Tests Test. shuddup.