Wednesday, April 16, 2003 at 03:10 PM

TO: Graham
FROM: Michelle

Talking about Flash, Jakob Neilson and why different guidelines are used for different parts of the Web - not one blanket rule that covers everything. You said, you make your site for your audience - and you're completely right. Don't forget though, that sometimes my audience is me. I build my site for myself, so i can look at it, scrapbook and journalise (is that a word?) so the rules I put in place are my own and if I want to have my navigation on the right, for instance, because in my brain the idea the mouse is on the right side of the machine and therefore having the nav on that side makes sense to me - then I can. I don't - but I can. Whereas, if that site was for a wider audience, that would be less acceptable as it would be breaking the rules of convention and expectability (is that a word? usability and expectability - damn good words).

Having a animated Flash intro (with a skip button) is expected on a portfolio, advertising or multimedia site - whereas having that same introduction on a news site is just plain unacceptable.

Maybe we need a list of the suburbs of the Internet:

News sites
Corporate sites
Personal sites
Advertising sites
Community sites
Educational sites

sorry graham, but the thread went twang somewhere during the day. Thanks for the drink on Friday night. And for the talk. Found a review for Dreamcatcher.. "Considering the immense talent involved, the execution of the film resembles what it would look like to watch a massive train wreck.
Dreamcatcher is the quintessential bad film, an implementation of mainstream trash that fits the current Hollywood standard, which strives to reach the audience of video gamers with the attention spans of paramecia." more... .. so.. maybe we should see it after all *s* at least we get to see The Matrix short first.

Thanks, Nick, for not running away when I freak out. Have a nice Easter Break - talk to you soon.

and world? stop being such a small place:

Captain Black: hmm do you have a cool peace keepers suit?
.michelle: i have.. a cape. does that count? its peaceful. a peaceful cape.
Captain Black: ohhh ... what kinda cape is it?
.michelle: ok.. its more.. a cardigan than a cape.
.michelle: but its a peaceful kinda cardie
Captain Black: oh I see, well then what do you expect?
.michelle: did you go to Armageddon last weekend?
Captain Black: yep
.michelle: did it rock or what? man.. i loved it.
Captain Black: really?... I didnt like it that much.. what day did you go?
.michelle: Saturday. I found a bunch of books i was dying to buy. i took lots of photos of the apple computers and i just LOVED the wetaworkshop presentation in the ASB Theartre
Captain Black: good god I was in the theatre when they were doing the weta thing
.michelle: wasn't it great? i wanted to ask so many questions but all my questions were lame
Captain Black: what were you wearing...
.michelle: you weren't the guy sitting in front of me turning round cos i was laughing too loud?
.michelle: i was wearing a cape
Captain Black: a cardie?
.michelle: well. yes.
Captain Black: did you see anyone wearing unusual clothing on that day?
.michelle: yes i did
Captain Black: like...
.michelle: oh god. you didn't wear black vinyl pants did you?
Captain Black: discribe them...
.michelle: black.. vinyl.. very reflective
Captain Black: na leather
.michelle: everytime i looked up this goth guy with long dark hair and shiny vinyl pants was there
Captain Black: any interesting shirts t-shirts catch your eye?
.michelle: not really.
Captain Black: god dammit
.michelle: what?
Captain Black: mine was chain mail
.michelle: i definately didnt see you.
.michelle: i would've pointed and stared
Captain Black: whats your height?
.michelle: 6'2"
.michelle: hehe.. i lied
.michelle: 5'6"
Captain Black: *checking photographic memory*
.michelle: you *so* didnt see me. i'm invisible in my cape.
Captain Black: cardie
.michelle: well.. i'm still invisible in it
Captain Black: weight?
.michelle: great big fat girl. huge. size of a barn.
Captain Black: oh yeah I remember now...