while dreaming...

I realised something, last night while I was dreaming. That in my
dreams, I have a pub. It is sortof there in every dreamscape, and
sometimes I go into that bar and the same three people serve there
- two guys and a girl. I don't know their names but I know their
faces, and they know mine. I guess this might be a recurring dream,
and although the pub's presence is in most dreams (or so i figured
in this dream) it's generally a block away, or three blocks away,
or in my home town, just ever present, and sometimes I visit it
- as I did last night.

The bar was empty last night. The two barmen were fixing something in one of the booths
- something electrical, and the woman was behind the bar serving
me - her lipstick was pastel pink, her hair blonde and piled on
her head. She's no more than 25 or so and keeps the bar spic and
span. I drank one glass of guiness and fell off my stool. I seemed
to think I was drugged and they laughed and suggested i couldn't
hold my alcohol - which is more likely.

Don't you love it when
I tell you my naff dreams?

Why I Love Rose - Reason 4578

Email Rules - She showed me how to implement them. I've know of
them for years but never bothered using many [any] of the helpful
features available in Microsoft Outlook. Now, when you email me,
your mail goes into "Personal". My User Group emails and lists
go into a folder called "Lists" funnily enough. I have 6 emails,
workrelated, in my InBox not.. 6 work email and 25000 emails from
you mixed into Flash/LINGO digests. Neat eh? Good Old Rosie. she's
not a bad stick.

she was prettier asleep
I think she sensed my eyes on her. I only had about 4 minutes
before she woke up with a wide-eyed start looking about
this way that way not really sure why she woke and then
when I tried to flesh out the picture by drawing the rest
of her knees tucked up and white sandles everytime I looked
at her she was looking back at me. I think You can feel
when someone's looking at you even when you're alseep.
JO r u there??

Me YES!!!
Me SHOULD ahem
should i ring you or are yous till online

thinks thats gotta be the stoopidest question i've managed to come up
with all day
you're phones engaged so<

Me can you tell i am excited to hear from you>?
JO was it your birthday? - did i miss it? i thought it
is in may

Me it was you
did and its in march and who cares

what chat software do
you have these days?
smoke signals?

msn or shall i get off line?
Me get offline, get off.. GET OFF!!