news and stuff

I appreciate your visits. I know that you come in here everyday and I haven't given you any reason to and you keep coming and checking and I don't leave so much as a cookie crumb to nibble on lately. I'm sorry.

I'm moving again. Yes, this time, for the last time in a long time if all goes to plan. No, you don't have to help me, but thanks for offering. After so many moves in the last 15 months I have it down to a fine art - it should only take a few hours.

This move means I'm back in Half Moon Bay and back to taking the Ferry rather than the car. This morning I was officially *over* the Motorway. Mostly, I'm pretty patient with it but this morning was the last straw. Never mind the fact I've been leaving late from home and so hitting the heavy traffic, but I'm still exhausted from being sick and that's just how it is *firm nod*.

I met up with Rachelle at Maddogs last night. Remember her? she's based in the UK now but is back for a week or so. It was as if she'd never been away. We fell into conversation step instantly, and talked and laughed and I remember how much I miss her. She's having a ball in the UK but has intentions of coming back here one day [phew]. It was a very nice night. She was kind enough to bring presents - two beautiful sepia photographs of London - she's so clever, one of the photographs was of the theatre I went to while in London. I can't wait to get them framed and up in my new house.