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so technically - it's Thursday, but because I'm still awake, it means its kinda Wednesday.
I just got home.. its just gone midnight. for a girl who was determined to catch the 8pm ferry, I have failed miserably. But it's not my fault. It's james' fault. he wouldn't let me go. I told him i wasn't spending any more money and he put his credit card behind
the bar and made me bring him whiskey. he was drunked. drunked i tells you. chatting up girls named Heidi and drinking beer to "cleanse" his system. It's been forever since I was out with James.. forever and just like yesterday. He makes me laugh, even when
he pulls me by my lapels and kinda grabs my arse ( i think he mistook it for something else ).

Today was Duana's last day at work. She's off on an overseas trip which was the excuse
she needed to leave. I'm not quite sure how we'll cope. We each had to take a few of her tasks to absorb her job into our company rather than replace her. I got the "dealing with couriers and courier guys" (I'm not comPLETELY stupid.. they wear lycra you know) and looking after the CDs.. blank and software. I will be the software police so watch the fucking OUT people. If I can't find Microsoft Project and your name is on my new checking in/out sheet i'm gonna open a can of whopass on you'all.

I stayed too long. I shouldn't have. I owe greg for fetching us and delivering Jamesdarling
to his house and me to my car at the ferry terminal. For all my complaining, the man deserves a medal for coming out so late to pick up his ex... mind you.. i'd do the same for him.