busy busy

What a glorious start to my week. Have You seen my keys? no, not my house keys, my car keys? Damn but they're not here. I'm particular about keys as you know. They go in the same place everytime so that everytime you know where to find them. Their new home is [was] in the top drawer in the kitchen with the House keys and the garage door remote. Best I can figure, last to use them may well have been Simon - and might have been Greg - both with a genetic pre-disposition to lose keys at worst and put them in their pockets and take them to work, at best. Although I am now walking distance to the Ferry, that still takes 25-35 minutes or so and must be *planned* for. I had *planned* to drive and park this morning so my window was too small. And not being a public transport natural, to cut a long story short - I've missed my ferry.

The next one is at 1015 so I'll walk down to that one and retrieve my keys after work when the "menfolk" of my life become accessible again.

So, busy day moving on Saturday - busy night cooking dinner for the troops last night. I tell you, sometimes when I'm in Super Working Mood I can get a lot done. In 30 minutes I had:

tidied Greg's untidy kitchen

put bubble and squeak in the oven to cook

made coleslaw

cleaned up all the flying cabbage bits and washed out the food processor

made two banana cake batters and replaced the now cooked bubble and squeak in the oven with the cakes

made gravy and shreaded a precooked chicken

fed everyone the coleslaw, roast chicken, gravy, bubbleandsqueak, peas and toasted tomato paninis [bing.. 30 minutes is up] and taking the finished cakes out of the oven half way thru dinner

tidied up again

made chocolate butter icing for the now mostly cooled cakes

went home