It's taken me all day

It's taken me all day to get back home to my computer - I guess that's a good thing seeing as I had the day off.

I went to see Lord of the Rings: Return of the King this morning with Jacqui and David. Weirdness arriving at the Theatre - lots of car park spaces and not many people about, cinema ticketing area virtually empty but entering the cinema to find it packed to the gunnels with people, all sitting in their seats ready for the movie to start.. Like some sort of science fiction movie .. or something.. something.

Anyway. The movie. Yes. As you would expect. And then some. The special effects seemed to have wound up a notch, especially the battle scenes. Take some tissues - you won't need a whole box but you might need one or two - lots of sniffles in the theatre at different parts - couple of cheers and smatterings of applause too.

Each of the movies so far [Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers] has had a "Legolas" stunt, more better [haha, i love saying that - more better.. or even betterer, more better'r hahah] than the last - the first movie had him "jumping on the cave troll and... " [ok i need to check that i think my brain is munging information, I'll check with rosie and get back to you] the second movie he did that "swinging up on the horse" thing and yay, Mr Jackson gave Legolas the best stunt for the last movie - the theatre erupted into cheers so you'll probably know the scene when you see it :)

I was disappointed with the sound. I am guessing it's the cinema's set up. I found it difficult to hear the dialogue over the score, often. Other people did too so don't think it's my hearing.

The rest of the day I spent Christmas shopping with Jacqui, David and Amy - and this evening wrapping presents and decorating the tree.

Greg had picked up the christmas cards I designed for his company - they looked really good. He was chuffed and we were both really pleased with the service, work and cost from the Printer.

Here's the artwork from the front of the card - the company does roading, paving and driveways - so this is what we did with one of their work photos:

Now I'm at home and I should be in bed - I'm tired enough. There's some kinda gay version of Peter's Friends/The Big Chill. It's called Love! Valour! Compassion! - if it was pudding, it would be vanilla. Why aren't I asleep?