"anyway, while i'm all for

"anyway, while i'm all for ridding the world of sadistic murdering dictators, i just have to say, for the record, that i think a whole lot of us would have also been psyched about an ipod." read more tequilamockingbird"

I have this seething under-boiling need to blog rivers of rant to purge myself of the teeth clenching irrelevant wastage I see around me - but it's all work related and I'd end up getting my perfectly formed rear kicked to the pavement - which in itself wouldn't be the *worst* thing that could happen to me at the moment - no one's seen fit to vote me off this island yet for all my faults and rudeness - but I will hold my tongue so at least I have a chance to get to the pavement on my own terms.

Meanwhile - I'm happy to report that tomorrow is Thursday 18th December and we all know that means LOTRs ROTK is in the Cinema and I'm going to see it in the morning. I went to the last two movies on their midnight first-day showing but this movie is *so* long and my poor [but perfectly formed] bottom needs the comfort of the Berkeley Cinema's extra-comfy seats so I've taken the day off and that's where I will be.