"You're either SWAT - or

"You're either SWAT - or you're not." Glad we passed on The Matrix - Revolutions today in favour of Colin Farrell in Tactical Ops Gear. Ok, so he can't keep his mouth shut when he breathes (or thinks, for that matter), and he always looks startled from opening his eyes too wide all the time, and he's not a very good actor in the whole scheme of things but he has great eyebrows and a nice bum.

Actually.. LL Cool J was nicer looking.

as was Samual L Jackson.

Weird to come out of the theatre to rain. Weird rain too, really wet rain. The kind of rain you'd expect from a hose rather than a cloud.

I woke up exhausted this morning - how a person can sleep so long and still be tired - hopeless. I'm hanging out for Christmas - time off work and soaking up some sun, somehwhere, don't care, anywhere. After picking up David and his bird and Simon and his bird then dropping off the later to then take the former with me on my errands. Paid bills and bought a few Christmas presents and ate lunch we finished the day off with a trip to the movies (see above).

"Inside every chicken, there's a hero trying to escape" The Colgate Special Feature is Chicken Run and I'm gonna try not to fall asleep in front of it.