Is it wrong to just

Is it wrong to just post for the sake of it, even when you've got nothing to say really, just because you feel a bit bad that you haven't in a while?

Plenty of stuff has pissed me off recently, so I could rant. Plenty of stuff has put a huge grin on my face recently, so I could gush. Plently of stuff that should have done one or the other has done neither, so I could introspect about my ever changing view of the world...

But mostly I've just been sleeping badly for a couple of nights and I'm too tired to even close my mouth properly *dribble*

We had twins by the way. Tilly and Bisley. I say twins - really they're a brother and sister from a litter of nine burmillas. They're fantastic fun, and the rabbit seems to have taken it all in his (not inconsiderable) stride/hop.