Abe's Bagels Cafe on

The Cafe formally known as Abe's Bagels
Abe's Bagels Cafe on Swanson Street is now called Swanson Cafe. It appears they still serve Abe's Bagels, but it's not listed on the official Abe's Bagels website.
My uninformed guess is that the Abe's Bagels people have separated the cafe business from the bagels business, which would a)protect them from the cafe being too quiet, and b)allow the cafe to sell more cafe style food than just bagels.

We (me, Mish, James) went there practically every day for months, addicted. I'd get a tomato basil bagel with cream cheese, James'd get a cinnamon-raisin bagel with wildberry creamcheese (blech) and Mish would have her lemon honey. And we'd all have large flat whites, and we'd be forking over $7.50 a pop. I can't remember when the drift started, but I suspect it was when James left work. Then the "bagel guy" we knew and loved was replaced, and all the comforting familiarity of the place was gone... replacing the laconic, relaxed-but-efficient style of the old staff with an enthusiastic "HI ROSE!" ,an inability to work the cash-register, and the world's most ancient macintosh for a web terminal.

PS: Since I've used the phrase "Abe's Bagels" so many times that google will think I'm important: a message for Abe's bagels people.
Please, please buy the domain abesbagels.co.nz for yourself. Heck, abesbagels.com was available too, last time I checked. Having bagels.co.nz is really cool, but having your company name would also be good.

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