A dropkick in the final

A dropkick in the final seconds of extra time puts England in the lead and gives them the win in the 2003 Rugby World Cup.

While JJ was busying having beer for breakfast in the UK while watching the game I was in another pub, paying my $2 to try and pick the score and the win. I picked 38-28 to Australia - way off the 20-17 to England final score. Sonia was last to be in the sweeps and she thought about and calculated the winning score. The Organising-Guy was so impressed he asked "what do you do for a living?" she told him she was a teacher and he "ahh'd" and said "no wonder you're so analytical." So I challenged "so you could tell I was a stripper purely by how I figured my score?" He laughed and suggested that if I lost, I would strip for the bar. I laughed.

Until, after the game he came up to say thanks for coming to the bar for the game and hoped we had a good evening then suddenly remember the stripping comment, turning to then remind the rest of the bar "we have a stripper here and she has to strip!!" god i do get myself into situations. After a while of me not stripping and him trying to get me to , he gave up but asked me to "Please don't come down here and threaten to strip" ever again. Sure thing, I said, that's a done deal!