*starts posting stuff that will

*starts posting stuff that will get me voted off this island*
I was looking at an old blog Rosie and I used as our "safe place" the first time Marshall went away for an extended period of time. Reading it brought back memories long since blanked out, it was a very difficult and painful two weeks, but this sliver of an entry made me smile:

Later that night, after everyone had gone - depression [over removed portion of initial post] I decided to ferret out the mythical secret Snickers bar, legends tell is hidden in Marshall's drawer. The Plan to discover the hiding place of the sinfully secret chocolatey goodness and, after consumming, replacing so no one was any the wiser. Such plans are so sweet. Quiet as a mouse, and careful as a nosey housewife-with-someone-else's-mail, drawers were opened and scanned - taking special note not to let one's eyes fall onto anything that *wasn't* a Snickers bar - the search was fruitless - or, as we say in the Old Country, Snickerless.