Alaska is Rich in Native

Alaska is Rich in Native Culture and History

"From the Inupiat (In-OOPY-at) Eskimos of Barrow, just above the Arctic Circle, to the Tlingit (CLINK-it) Indians of Ketchikan on the tip of Southeast Alaska, Native cultural diversity is a hallmark of the state."

okay... hands up all those who have been saying "thing-let".

When I was in Wellington the other week [TUANZ Finalist, always a bridesmaid never a bride *fluffs peach satin ruffles and rearranges my singapore orchids*] I had dinner with my colleague Rosie and two clients, one of whom told us of her travels, which included Alaska.

We talked about the landscape, the people, and the art of the many different peoples who live in Alaska. It reminded me of a site I stumbled across last year, and Rob helped to Google it [cos I suck at searching for *anything* - have you seen the missing partner for this sock?].

The masks on this site ["Our Way of Making Prayer" - Yup'ik Masks] stunned me - they are so beautiful, so full of character and feeling. I would love to somehow use the images on this site in a quilt - but I'm about 17 quilts behind so that'll never happen. It's a thought that counts though.