"He wanted to haul my

"He wanted to haul my ashes" she said, there was a short silence, "it means he wanted to fuck me." I assured her, I'd figured that out. There are euphemisms for sexual encounters and equipment, that aren't as funny as you'd expect them to be.

Last night, the gale force warnings were so high, they cancelled ferry sailings after 5:30pm but unfortunately, we didn't know until about 5:40pm so that left a lot of people stranded on the MainLand. I went to the Provodor, you know that's where a lot of the Fullers Ferry guys hang out and sure enough, there were a lot of them there. They said they were going to try a later sailing, just waiting for the wind to calm down so we waited too. *thinking* they sure were sucking back the cocktails, I guess those weren't the pilots, or whatever a Ferry driver is called.

There were a few themes explored last night. One of which was my scariness, another was my sexuality.

It seems, two of my three managers find me "scary". The third manager sees the confident/doubtful/paranoid michelle that I thought *everyone* could see. God knows what the other two see but apparantly it's someone to be afraid of. go figure.

The Guy at the bar asked if I was a dyke.
"are you a dyke?"
"do I look like a dyke?"
"just answer the question, are you a dyke?"
"then no, i'm not a dyke"
"why not?"
"I need a reason?"
"I don't think I do."
"Just answer the question"
"I did answer the question"
"are you a dyke?"
"do you like men or women?"
"so you're not with her?" *points at Mitch*
"yeh I'm having a drink with her, she's my project manager."
"so you a dyke"
"why not"
"I don't need a reason"
"yes you do, answer my question"
"I did answer your question, it was a 'yes or no' question and I said NO"
"are you a dyke?"
"i hope you're not a lawyer, cos you're kinda crap at this whole questioning thing"
"actually, I am a lawyer, and a bloody good one"
"well, it hardly shows"
"I wouldn't be adverse to you coming over here and having a drink with me"
"well, I would, but I'm a bit busy at the moment trying to get into her *points to Mitch* pants, maybe another time."