Everyone is talking about Kill

Everyone is talking about Kill Bill, so I'm gonna talk about something different until such time as I see Kill Bill and then I'll talk about it too.

Today, Class, we're going to talk about New Zealand Music - firstly, we're going to talk about Scribe. Yes, his album The Crusader did go platinum on it's day of release (over 10,000 units sold) and now, not even a week later it's past the 20,000 sold mark. That's phenomenal sales for this country. What's really incredible about Scribe is that he's managed to get *me* to listen to hip hop with Not Many [not to mention, Stand Up, Sychronise Thoughts and Remember?] [link takes you to Scribe's website - click on Gallery>videos and select "not many - remix" - have patience, it *is* loading - someone advise their webmaster of loading screens.]

How many dudes you know roll like this, how many dudes you know flow like this.. not many, if any. Not many, if any. How many dudes you know got the skills to go rock a show like this? I don't know any body.

Secondly, we're going to think about SuperGroove. Click here to hear a few track snippets from three of their most excellent songs. Now, I don't know much about Supergroove. They were a High School band which seemed to have more members than you could poke a stick at. Their debut album Traction went triple platinum while they were still at school. I believe I heard they're releasing a "greatest hits" later this month which I am looking forward to.

You've got to know to understand. Baby take me by the hand. Lead me to the promised land a a and you've got to know to understand.

Thirdly, Haley Westenra. Now don't get all up in my face about her CD being "nana music". That girl has pipes. I saw her sing at Christmas on the Lake Front in Rotorua a few years ago - she was 11 or 12 I believe - and she carried that show. Left all the professional adult singers in the dirt. Never has an album been so aptly named. Pure went gold in the UK, number one in the New Zealand charts for weeks, topped the Classics charts and became the fastest selling debut album on the UK Classical Charts. She's appearing at London's Royal Albert Hall with Jose Carreras in December.