Kiwis claim vengeful win A

Kiwis claim vengeful win

A Clinton Toopi hat-trick helped New Zealand post a 30-16 upset win over Australia in the trans-Tasman rugby league Test at North Harbour Stadium on Saturday night. ...more...

That was an *amazing* game. I am speechless - if you didn't watch it you missed one of the best kiwi wins in ages. Not only that, but.. Cricket.. New Zealand declared 636/5 which is freaking amazing too!

Sonia gave me homework for the off-season - I have to find out and memorise all the League Referee's hand signals so she knows what's going on. I'm not really sure where the heck I get that information. We also talked about going to the 2004 NRL Grand Final regardless of who is playing. Sounds like a plan.

We've also decided to join the Biege Brigade (yes we're talking cricket now, not league) and find out where to buy the 1970s Cricket strip. We'll get to some One Day games for sure - not sure who is touring here in the summer, but if there is anyone half-way-decent I'm gonna take time off work and experience a Test up close and personal.

I thing those are some of the best New Year's resolutions I've ever had. *firm nod*